How To Find The Right Private Investigator

If you are considering hiring a Private Investigator, you must be in need of factual and accurate information that leaves you more informed and at less risk than you were before you picked up the phone to hire the Private Investigator. There are many ways to go about finding a Private Investigator, but below are some recommendations. I hope the information will assist you in making sure you find the right Private Investigator for you.

First of all, one of the most important considerations to be made when hiring a Private Investigator is to ensure you are hiring a licensed professional. Unfortunately, there are people who claim to be Private Investigators but are not licensed in states which require it. These unlicensed Investigators may make promises of results and/or due diligence, however, these individuals have not been vetted and do not have access to valuable databases which require licensure to access. And, without access to basic information provided in these databases, it is impossible to provide accurate information to their clients. If and when such an investigator comes up empty handed at the conclusion of your contract, would you ever really know or trust they actually did the work they claim to have done?

Finding an ethical Private Investigator is the other most important consideration to make when hiring a Private Investigator. Most Licensed Private Investigators have very strong ethics and have years of experience and are quite affordable and available for new clients. So, how do you choose which to hire among all the qualified Private Investigators? The answer is to shop around by looking at their website and to ask questions of the ones who appear to be the closest fit. Having professional associates who can provide you references on Investigators can also be very valuable.

As you choose your private investigator, consider the following: Qualities of a professional and ethical Private Investigator are honesty, reliability and law-abiding. A professional Investigator operates by delivering the truth in an accurate manner, preserves the confidence of their client, is transparent in fees and charges, is timely, and respects their contract.

A highly experienced Private Investigator will understand they are being retained to minimize their client’s risk or to provide their client with information needed to make critical decisions. These highly experienced Investigators will strive to not put their client in risk or give them inaccurate information.

Things to look for are the Investigator’s ability to carry out their duties with competence. Other considerations are the Investigator’s various certifications, trainings attended, various positions held, membership to professional associations and testimonials or references.

Private Investigators should work hard to earn and retain their own professional reputation and that of their peers and professional associates. As a potential future client of theirs, the Private Investigator should be comfortable answering your questions about their past experience with cases similar to yours. The Investigator who can answer your questions in a way which make you feel comfortable may be the best fit for you. There are many professional Investigators with considerable talent and abilities, and the Investigator for you will surely emerge during your search.

A great place to start your search for a licensed professional Private Investigator is the State Association websites. For example, in Washington State, the Washington Association of Legal Investigators (WALI- has a link on their webpage titled “Membership Directory” which will lead you to numerous Investigators per geographical area. Other states offer similar information on their state association websites.

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