Our Services:

Private Clients


Surveillance allows Guardian Investigations to monitor and document the activities of virtually anyone, almost anywhere. It’s one of the most useful tools we use. Determination, diligence and attention to detail are a few of the attributes we bring to each scenario. They supplement our methods of electronic surveillance using cameras, physical and electronic surveillance, keeping detailed notes, photos, and observations made by our investigators.  The gathering of evidence is professionally handled no matter the type of case.  

[ General Surveillance / Domestic Investigations / Child Custody ]


Commercial and Corporate


Our investigators have years of experience conducting pre-employment background investigations for prospective job applicants.  Often, a background check is the only information a client needs. In cases where a more in-depth investigation is needed, the background check can provide the investigator and client with valuable leads to pursue. If you need a background check, or if you have a case involving one, we are ready to work for you to provide the discreet and confidential service you need in a delicate and professional manner.  We also have Investigators who specialize in Human Resource investigations.  

[ Background Checks / Pre-Employment Screening / Witness Interviews / Litigation Support ]


Missing and Locate Person Investigations


Do you have a child, friend or a loved one who’s gone missing?  Need to find a biological parent or long-lost relative?  Many lost person cases simply fall outside the scope of criminal investigations, for instance, if you’re searching for a friend or family member with whom you have lost contact.  Our ability to uncover hard-to-find digital evidence through social media geolocation and the internet allows us to succeed where others fail. 

[ Social Media Geolocation / Open Source Investigations (OSINT) ]